I am an absolute maniac in my love of knitting, designing socks and spinning yarn for socks. There, I admit it! What about you? Are you one or the other or both?

Sock-a-maniac is derived from the words sock and maniac which are defined as:

1. A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something like yarn and sock knitting. She just can’t get enough of both yarn and handknit socks. She doesn’t require an academic degree, but if she hasn’t finished high school, practicing for the GED exam might be very useful.

A sockamaniac wants more yarn even though she already has piles and piles of it. More than she can use in seven lifetimes. She’s never satisfied no matter how much she has. She always craves to buy more no matter what. In her enthusiasm for knitting socks, more than she or her family or friends will ever wear in their lifetimes, she spends days and nights collecting numerous sock patterns off the internet that she has no time to actually knit them, plus she collected so many patterns that she had to get rid of her furniture in order to make more room for them. But all is not lost. She is a frugal lady. She’s put her sock patterns to good use. She discovered that by stacking them just so, balance is the key, she could use them as chairs, tables and yes, even a bed. And you were worried. Her family deprived because of her maniacal obsession with socks? NAH!

2. A person who acts in a wildly irresponsible way.

A sockamaniac is constantly looking for ways to bring in her bags of new yarn and places to hide her growing stash from the critical eyes of her husband who can’t understand why she possibly needs more yarn when she already has enough to fill a warehouse. Actually seven warehouses but we won’t tell. Since he really doesn’t notice anything new, she cleverly disguises her newest purchase by wearing her new yarn as a wig. When he finally does notice, he compliments her on her new hairdo. No wonder we can get away with so much! When she really gets desperate, she’ll go to any length to horde her stash. She empties all the kitchen cupboards of food and replaces it with her yarn. As a result, her family suffers from malnutrition not knowing why.

When they tell her that their clothes are getting too big she blames it on those new designers. Who needs food anyway? She knows how to keep a secret. She has a huge entertainment center in her living room which she emptied out and filled to the point where she could barely close the doors doing all this while her husband was away at work. When her husband, who loves to watch sports and listen to music, asks her where the television and his Boss stereo system with the supersonic sub-woofers are, she tells him that they are in the shop being repaired.

Spin-a-maniac is derived from the words Spin and Maniac. They can be defined the same as sockamaniac with the exception that we can add spinning her own yarn to her sock obsessive, compulsive, maniacal disorder. A spinamaniac could be so focused that she even could get her GED diploma by attending online classes to get all set.

Like a Sockamaniac, a Spinamaniac is not content to own just one spinning wheel or spindle. She’s gotta have as many wheels and spindles that she can get into her home. Now I ask you, how can you possibly handle spinning on 50 wheels and 100+ spindles. After all, you only have two hands. Yet a Spinamaniac will always tell her husband that she needs that 51st wheel. Not only is it going to help her earn more money so that hubby can buy his dream-Lamborghini, oh man is she crafty, she’s the one who’s dreaming, but it spins differently from the other wheels. She tries to convince him that no two wheels spin alike. Come on who is she kidding. Sure that may be true with 5 wheels but 51? Now who’s dreaming?

And her obsession for collecting fiber and fiber animals? Well, we won’t even go there. I leave that to your imagination. But look at her latest fiber bunny. One of just many. Meet the newest member of my family!

His name is Smudge for obvious reasons except for one thing, now at 4 months, he has lost his little black spot on his nose. Now he’s pure white all over. RATS!!!! I loved that spot. Maybe a touch of Clairol?
Anyway, Smudge is an English Angora that I originally purchased as a fiber bunny but when I held him for the first time and saw how gentle and sweet he was, well what can I say, he’s my baby and such a joy to have around. You can read more about him and Angora rabbits on my spinning page. Just click on the spinning wheel.

I am Gail THE creator and original Sockamaniac also known as Gail THE Spinamaniac. Oh alright, I fully confess, I’m a Blingamaniac too! Welcome to my site! And if you are wondering if these stories are true, just ask my husband. He’ll be only too happy to turn me in and get his house back. He’s given up on the Lamborghini.